Sugaring is an old hair removal technique dating back to 1900 BC. During the early days of hair removal honey and oils were used in Egypt and Turkey. Today sugar paste is made up of a few simple ingredients consisting of sugar, water, lemon, and sometimes salt or fragrances.

Today, Sugaring is a popular way to remove unwanted hair as a natural alternative to waxing. The sugar is spread onto the skin warm (not hot), and pulled off in the direction of the hair leaving the live skin intact. This is often much gentler on the skin leaving less irritation.

Because the hair is pulled in its natural direction, it is less likely the hairs will break and more likely the hair will be pulled out by the root. This is said to lessen hair growth in the future and, there are fewer chances of ingrown hairs.



Brow  $20

Lip  $10

Cheeks  $20

Chin  $10

Neck  $20

Full Arm  $45  Half Arm  $25

Underarm  $25

Shoulders  $35

Full Back  $60

Chest  $50

Chest and Belly  $60

Tummy Trail  $15 (Included in Bare Down There)

Full Legs  $75  Half Legs  $40

Bikini  $25

Bikini and Behind  $40

Bare Down There  $65 (Maintenance within 4 weeks  $55)

Just the Crack  $20

Full Behind   $30